Roger developed his field and cinematography craft first as a speafisherman, and then as a camera assistant to BBC cameraman Justin Maguire, Didier Noirot and Doug Anderson.

He has subsequently shot underwater sequences for Animal Planet/Discovery Networks, National Geographic, the BBC and John Downer Productions, and specialises in working with large charismatic animals such as sharks, whales, dolphins and nile crocodiles.    

To check Roger’s availability for an assignment, contact him via mobile, +27833972222 or email, roger@rogerhorrocks.com







Into the Dragon’s Lair, which has been screened internationally by Animal Plant in 2010, tells the story of Didier Noirot’s quest to dive and film Nile crocodiles underwater in the Okavango Delta.Titled “Into the Dragon’s Lair”, it follows his attempts to approach these animals underwater based on his conviction that they will not respond aggressively to divers, while at the same time exploring broader themes of fear and mankind’s increasing disconnection with “nature”. 

In 2010 we began work on a follow up documentary titled ‘Touching the Dragon”, which tries to unpack the extraordinary relationship between a man and an American crocodile forged over twenty two years. Still in production, this documentary will be released in 2012.