IANTD CCR TRIMIX and CAVE course with Don Shirley.

Longer, harder, deeper! As a photographer, its good to always look for different perspectives on subjects or find access to subjects that others don’t have. The world is saturated with imagery, so to compete one has to do things differently in order to differentiate yourself or find subjects that very few others can get access to. It was Didier Noirot who got me onto rebreathers after out Sardine Run shoot in 2008, and since then I have been sytematically developing my understanding of these astounding machines, under the guidance of dedicated rebreather divers such as Barry Bey-Leveld of Dive Action in Cape Town and Sheldon Brown and Shane Jackson of Zero Bubble in Durban. This effort put me in a position to complete my formal CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) training this ast week up at Komati Springs with Don and Andre Shirley, arguably one of the most intense weeks of my life on a number of levels, including a near death experience on the road when Tyler Strain and I narrowly missed being crushed by a large truck as we turned off to Don’s place. Once I have completed a tighter selection of images I will post them under the Expedition section of this site.

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