Roger’s photographic practice centers around mans representation of the natural world. All of the images represented in these limited edition series are available as digital C Prints on archival paper. For size and pricing information, contact Roger on


Medium C-print
Image size 80 x 80 cm each
Paper size 90 x 90 cm each

Large C-print
Image size 110 x 110 cm each
Paper size 120 x 120 cm each

SubOkavango 02

The Okavango Delta in the Kalahari desert on Botswana is the world’s largest inland delta. Fed by the Okavango River which brings summer rainfall from the Angolan highlands some 3000kms away, it provides an oasis for a huge variety of African wildlife, who are drawn to its abundance of water in the driest times of the Botswana winter. SubOkavango 02, shot in 2009 in the stiller side channels, reflects a more focused aesthetic concern with the form and dimensionality of the plant life that thrives in this Stygian underworld.