Roger developed his field and cinematography craft first as a speafisherman, and then as a camera assistant to BBC cameraman Justin Maguire, Didier Noirot and Doug Anderson.

He has subsequently shot underwater sequences for Animal Planet/Discovery Networks, National Geographic, the BBC and John Downer Productions, and specialises in working with large charismatic animals such as sharks, whales, dolphins and nile crocodiles.    

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In addition to his camerawork, Roger is an experienced stills photographer. He has shot editorial travel stories for Conde Nast, British Airways Traveller, and Sport Diver Magazine, contributed images to National Geographic Traveller and the BBC Natural History Unit, and undertaken commercial assignments for South African Tourism.

Roger’s interest lies in environmental reportage, with a strong bias to ocean and underwater related stories. To view more portfolios, click here…











Ever wondered what it takes to create the visual sequences made famous by David Attenborough and the BBC Natural History Unit in ground breaking series such as Planet Earth, Natures’ Great Events, and Africa? Drawing on first hand experience as a wildlife cameraman, Roger presents a series of illustrated lectures which explore the challenges involved in filming in the wild, and the lessons learnt from working with some of the very best teams in the world.


Life on the Run

Roger’s first filming assignment after leaving the corporate world was on the sardine run off the east coast of South Africa. In this talk he shares first hand experience of this incredible natural phenomenon, involving perhaps the greatest concentration of predators in the world, and gives an account of what it took to get the footage required to produce the the one hour TV episode “The Great Tide”, narrated by David Attenborough. Drawing in his ten years of management experience prior to becoming a wildlife cameraman, he teases out the key lessons learnt from this experience on how to best manage high performance teams, and concludes with some insights into how best to apply these ideas into bigger teams and organisations.


Chasing the Dragon

In 2008 Roger accompanied world renowned cinematographer Didier Noirot on an expedition to dive with nile crocodiles in the papyrus caves of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, an experience which was documented in the award winning film “Into the the Dragon’s Lair”, produced and directed by the Foster Brothers. He subsequently traveled to Costa Rica to make a film about one mans extraordinary relationship with an American crocodile which was broadcast on the National Geographic Channel in 2013, before returning again to the Okavango to further explore the watery cave systems of these ancient apex predators. Drawing on his experiences and learning’s from making these films, Roger presents a 40 minute illustrated talk which explores the themes of risk and fear, first in the context of the film projects themselves and then in the broader contexts of business and one’s own personal life.


TedX Table Mountain Talk